Sustainable Produced Water Policy, Regulatory Framework,

and Management in the Texas Oil and Gas Industry:  2019 and Beyond


2014 Sustainable Water Management White Paper

In July 2014, Alliance President John Tintera and Blythe Lyons, then a Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council’s Energy and Environment Program, authored Sustainable Water Management in the Texas Oil and Gas Industry, a fact-based report on the state of water in the Texas oil and gas industry. The white paper examined the legislative, regulatory, and operational solutions available to address the public’s concerns and the industry’s needs. The authors made recommendations as to what the industry and government had learned, done well, and could do better in the future.

Why an Update?

Four years later, water policy and public perception of the energy industry’s role in maintaining a sustainable water supply remain dynamic. In Texas, the issue is acute across industrial and agricultural sectors. The Texas Water Development Board’s 2017 State Water Plan indicates that water supply is going to be increasingly stressed due to projected population growth and drought conditions over the coming decades. Although the energy industry does not use high volumes of water as compared to other key industries, evolving technologies, an improved economy, and public sentiment will drive energy companies to continue to embrace water reuse and recycling.

The imperative to update the 2014 White Paper is clear:

  • The rapidly changing federal regulatory atmosphere provides an opportune moment for Texas policy makers and industry to highlight, frame, and comment on specific issues and success regarding produced water.
  • There is a need to keep the industry and public informed about emerging technologies that will continue to make water reuse more efficient.
  • It is time to review and make current the data in the 2014 white paper, which was widely regarded as an industry standard on water topics in the oil and gas industry.

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